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887. Sunny Morning

1068. Road to Ocean

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my website.
Please visit my blog as well. I posted new blog "1150. Fishing Boats at Sunset (Van Damme)".

Hi Everybody
How are you?

Already September, we have only 4 months in this year.

This year I feel so busy but I’m not doing anything special, did I?
Oh yes, I started natural farming which is no turning soil, no fertilizer, no pesticide, not much watering letting plants look for water to make plants stronger.

I want to grow tasty vegetable without disturbing microorganisms. Coexistence with nature is important for us to live comfortably.
They said 70% of US soil has been dead for over 20 years.
Dead soil means too much fertilizer, pesticide and turning soil caused destruction of organic Ecosystem.

The last year I read a book “The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming” by
Masanobu Fukuoka. It was written in 1960. It’s a classic book.
Now a lot of people have experienced natural farming in the world based on this book, in their way.
I was so interested in this video:
Treating the Farm as an Ecosystem with Gabe Brown Part 1, The 5 Tenets of Soil Health
It’s a good very long Youtube video that we can stop and start to watch again anytime.
Gabe Brown is a North Dakota farmer. He went bankrupt after his crops were destroyed by big hailstorms over a two year period. That was his start of natural farming. He talks of his experience and scientistic proof of his soil improvement in this video. I learned so much about soil’s effect on mother earth.

I’m a painter not a farmer. I just want to eat testy vegetables and do something good for the environment.

We are having tasty sweet tomatoes everyday. Home grown tomatoes are amazing.
Growing tomatoes is so easy. Also they can grow from cuttings!😊❤️.

Now talking about business:
Since I started shipping my work, I was told USPS doesn’t deliver big packages. So I sent them by UPS whose fees are so expensive. Just recently I discovered USPS does send big ones as well. I haven’t yet found if they can ship as large as 30” x 40”.

My shipping price includes insurance. For example, matt size 31” x 24” is $45 - $55.

Changing my website is time consuming, because I have to do it manually one by one.
I changed shipping fee of some items.
If you are interested in purchasing a big sized painting, e-mailing me is the best.
I love painting much more than working on a computer😊.

Another thing:
We can print all images 100% of original or bigger, thanks to technology.

In Sonoma we still have hot days. In the morning it’s cool enough to play tennis, enjoying US open tennis tournament afterward.

Please visit my new work at http://www.mariko-irie.com/newest.html

Have wonderful enjoyable days,

How are you?

Late February on a way to Mendocino Coast, golden yellow daffodils are so attractive to my eyes. Now blueish purple lupines and bright yellow orange Californian Poppies fascinate me. And other wildflowers are coloring the ground.
“April showers bring May flowers” is happening. It’s a most colorful season.
Birds are flying, busy and singing cheerfully. Sparkling lights are dancing.
Blossoms and leaves are coloring trees and the ground.
The warmth releases our happiness, doesn’t it?

I’m happy to announce that my solo show started.
It will be through May 31.
Northcoast Artists Gallery
362 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA

Business Hour 11am-4pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Information: (707) 964-8266

I’m sorry that we don’t have artists’ receptions under pandemic.
If you will be around, please swing by, I look forward to meeting you at the gallery on May 8 & 31, 11am -4pm.

I made the slideshow “Light on Mendocino Coast”.
Most paintings are in this show.
If you can’t come to see my show in person, please visit to see this video.

I feel pandemic is almost over.
Soon we can see each other in person with a smile.

Enjoy cheerful, colorful days,

I just published video  Mariko | Mendocino 1.
I hope you enjoy it, if you like it, share with your family, friends and your favor people.
Be peaceful and healthy to enjoy a day.

I found a great printer to print my images on special coated watercolor paper.
Their printer prints 720dpi which is very fine print with archival ink which is lightfast for least 75 years.
They make beautiful prints. I’m very happy with them.

So I started selling large Giclee prints which is same size of my large painting.
Image size around 30" x 40" $450,  29” x 14” $380, image size around 21” x 14.5” $300.
Ship unframed, unmatted print. So shipping fee is much less expensive. Only $15 - $20 with insurance.

I’m working on shopping cart for the large Giclee print, but it takes time.
If you are interested in, e-mail me the number and title of the image to mariko@mariko-irie.com, I will e-mail you back with the link which you may purchase on line.


Mariko Irie, a lifelong painter, was born and raised in Tokyo. She
received her BFA at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, 1973. Mariko moved
to Mendocino in 1982 to pursue her painting. She studied printmaking
with Robert Rhodes and American Realism painting with Bill Martin at
College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg.

She has been in numerous solo and group shows, receiving honors
including: having been selected for “California Contemporary Art Collection
2017-2018” at the California State Capital; top prize of “Outstanding
Visual Artists” at Museum of the Living Artist in San Diego, 2011; having paintings selected for the cover of the Mendocino Art Center’s magazine “Mencodino Arts” winter issue, 2008; chosen for the posters of “Art in the Garden”, 2008, Mendocino Music Festival, 2004, Winesong, 1995. Mariko’s paintings are widely represented in collections both public and private throughout the United States, Canada, England, Germany and Japan.

Mariko has been seeking eternal peace and beauty. She hopes that the silence of her painting gives room for contemplation.
She has been fascinated by painting watercolors for thirty years
using a wet on wet technique to bring out the watercolor’s uniqueness
and charm, adding layers of glazing to create rich paintings.  She
creates these paintings in a way that retains a distinctive look
associated with the medium.  Her paintings are rich in the traditional style and have a wonderful contemporary feel.

Mariko Irie is represented at Northcoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg, Highlight Gallery in Mendocino, and Gallery at Glendeven Inn, Little River, California.

1073. Whirlpool by Cliff

345. A Pear

233.Woman's back

764. Dancing with the Moon#4