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887. Sunny Morning

 840. Spring Ranch

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my website.
Please come to my blog as well.

My solo show at the Highlight Gallery is scheduled.
Exhibit dates: June 4 - 29. 2018
Reception: The Second Saturday June 9, 5-8pm
Place: 45094 Main St, Mendocino, CA 95460
Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year!
Already more than one month after this year started.
The temperature has been over 70℉ in Santa Rosa. It’s still winter on a calendar, isn’t it?
I love this temperature. My mussels are relaxed and everybody is cheerful.

How are you? I hope that your new year started good as well.

I love to announce my solo show is scheduled at the Northcoast Artists Gallery:
Exhibit dates: October 3-29, 2018
Reception: The First Friday October 5, 5pm-8pm
Place: 362 N. Main St. Fort Bragg CA 95460
Hope to see you there.

Art in The Garden invited me as featured artist this year again, so I will participate.
Exhibit day: August 4, 2018 11am-5pm
Place: Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg
The Botanical Garden is getting more more beautiful and also more wonderful artists in this event. I hope that you can make it. Hope to see you there as well.

Also The Highlight Gallery is planning me to have my solo show there as well. The schedule is not yet. I will let you know when I get it.

I just want to say, ”Happy New Year!!” to you.
I’m looking forward happy year 2018.


How are you?

I love to share a good announcement with you again.
“Congratulations! Your artwork, 850. Koi & Waterfall, has been selected as a finalist in the Animal/Wildlife category of The Artist's Magazine 34th Annual Art Competition. Your name will appear among the list of finalists published in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue.
The competition’s entries (over 5,700!) were particularly strong this year. As editors, we had a difficult task to whittle the field; it is truly an achievement that your work was among the ones we sent to the jurors.
Although your work was not chosen for a top prize, 9 finalists will be showcased in the magazine’s “Competition Spotlight” feature & 12 finalists will be featured as “Artist of the Month” on our website. Keep watching to see if your work will be selected!”

I’m so happy to hear this.
The watercolor painting “850. Koi & Waterfall” :
This one comes together perfectly with the composition, movement, originality, technique to my eyes. So I’m so curious to know how other people like this painting and I’m so exited that so many people would see this painting on The Artist's Magazine and their website.

I have other announcement for you.
I’m invited to “Art in the Garden” as featured artist this year again. It will be a bit different this year, the featured artists will be in the perennial garden, which is close to the front entrance.
“Art in the Garden” will be on Saturday, Aug. 5th, 11am-5pm:
If you will be around there, please swing by.
Hope to see you.

Have a great summer,

How are you?

I love to share my happy news with you.

Senator Mike McGuire selected my painting “766.A Barn by the Hwy One” for the Senate’s 2017-2018 California Contemporary Art Collection Exhibit.
The Senate initiated this program in 1997 to recognize contemporary California Art. Each Senator is asked select an artist his/her district to exhibit their artwork there in the Stare Capital for approximately 18 months. A catalogue of the collection is also produced.

40 paintings which is including mine were selected for this exhibit.
My painting represents from north of SF to the border of Oregon.
I’m very delighted and feel so horned.

I hope you are doing well.
Have a nice days,
Mariko  Irie


Born and raised in Tokyo, lifelong artist Mariko Irie received her BFA at Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1973. In 1982 Mariko moved to Mendocino to pursue her painting . She studied printmaking with Robert Rhodes and American Realism painting with Bill Martin at College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg.
In November of 2009 she moved to San Diego to expand her world. Now she is back in the Northern California.

Mariko’s search for peace and eternal beauty finds expression in the silence of her paintings in which her images give the viewer room for contemplation.

For over twenty years Mariko has been fascinated by watercolor. She uses a wet into wet technique, working with the special properties of watercolor to enhance the medium’s unique charm. Layers of transparent glazes create very rich paintings which delight the viewer with their traditional style and wonderful contemporary feel.
She paints in Watermixable Oil which is made from pigment and linseed oil, which doesn’t contain turpentine, paint thinner, such fume which she is allergic to. Watermixable Oil painting is forgiving. She is really enjoying painting in this rich and vivid color medium as well as painting in Watercolor.

She has been in numerous solo and group shows, receiving prizes as well as having paintings selected for posters of the Winesong 1995, the Mendocino Music Festival 2004,  “The Voices From Earth” concert 2005,  “Art in the Garden” 2008, "Mendocino Art Center's Mendocino Coast Garden Tour 2013" and cover of the magazine “Mendocino Arts” winter issue 2008.  Her art works are well known locally and widely collected privately and publicly throughout the United States, Japan, England, Germany and Canada,.

At present the paintings of Mariko Irie can be seen at the Northcoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg,   The Highlight Gallery in the village of Mendocino and at the very charming Gallery at Glendeven Inn, Little River, California.

345. A Pear

233.Woman's back

764. Dancing with the Moon#4